"How can we help people to feel more alive?" That was the crucial question Marc and his wife Christine asked themselves in 2018. The answer was provided by founding Wish-You-More. Marc is a doctor and has been working together with his wife Christine (trained nurse and beautician) in their own practice in Gevelsberg for 15 years. Since the beginning of 2020 Justus (physician) is also part of the core team. With Marc's experience from his medical practice, we have developed a comprehensive concept to support you to enjoy your life to the fullest. So that you can live with energy, liveliness and without stress. The basis of our concept is the optimization of physical functions (sleep, nutrition and supplements, exercise, stress regulation) and the achievement of a positive mindset. We help you to be more alive!

Our Background

How does the human body work? What factors have a positive effect and what harms the body? Marc has been investigating these questions for over 15 years and over time has developed a holistic concept. With the Wish-You-More concept we provide you the collected knowledge and experience. It is not only about supplements, but also about healthy nutrition, good sleep, stress regulation and environmental factors.

The Wish-You-More Concept

Our Wish-You-More concept includes innovative nutrient combinations and lifestyle recommendations. Nutritional supplements alone can only be a part in making you feel better. That's why we want to provide you not only with the best nutrients, but also with knowledge about the functions of your body. 

Having sound knowledge is an important basis for feeling fit, efficient and well. After all, with today's information overload, it's becoming increasingly difficult to figure out what supports your body and what harms it. How do I sleep better? How do I motivate myself to exercise? What form of nutrition is best for me? How can I concentrate better? 

With our knowledge and our products you can develop your individual potential to be successful and healthy. So that you feel fully alive.