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//IMPORTANT: Do not be surprised that the products you receive do not yet correspond to the design shown here. We will make the design changes step by step and send the products still in stock in the "old design". The ingredients are of course the same for both.//

Wish-You-More Fiber contains the water-soluble dietary fiber Sunfiber® from bean fibers of the Indian guar bean. WYM Fiber helps build and maintain good gut bacteria, which are important for normal gut function. Sunfiber® was developed on the basis of current scientific findings.

  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Does not cause flatulence
  • Highly water soluble and heat stable
  • Neutral in taste
  • Certified according to the EC Organic Regulation
  • Free of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Without genetic engineering

Please note: When sealing the product, higher temperatures occur which can lead to discolouration of a small part of the contents. The quality of the product does not suffer from this.